Which to install first: Cabinetry or backsplashes?

Which to install first: Cabinetry or backsplashes?

"When do I install kitchen cabinets?" This is one of the most frequently asked questions when determining the most efficient order.

Usually, they always go first, before countertops, backsplashes, and surface floors. This guarantees cohesiveness, coordination, and focal point design.

Backsplashes and their essential role

They have essential responsibilities in both function and aesthetics. For example, backsplashes often wrap around cabinets, windows, and counters.  

Cabinets can have different sizes and layouts. These days, a trend is for kitchen cabinets to extend from floor to ceiling, but there can also be soffits, islands, and anything that can get in the way of your backsplash.

Cabinetry takes up a lot of space in the room, so it’s always best to know what you’re dealing with first. 

The last thing you want is to tear out the backsplash because it doesn't work with the cabinet layout.

Cabinets and the floor

We would be remiss if we didn't address another important question. That is, do cabinets get installed before or after the floor?

There are two floors: sub and surface. Appliances are attached to the subfloor; the surface is the one we see. 

Subfloors are permanently installed first. Otherwise, there could be height issues with your cabinetry. 

It could also " trap" the appliances, causing an entire floor to be torn up to remove one item. 

On the other hand, the surface floor goes in after the cabinets are installed. At that point, the installer cuts around them to make room.

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