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What to know about area rug binding

One of the things homeowners love most about custom rugs is the binding process. Binding these rugs is a very personal choice that can yield great results. You can easily cater them to your style and needs, with a long lifespan to go with it.

If you're new to customizing your rugs this way, take time to learn more about your options. You'll find it easier than you thought and worth your time. Here are some area rug binding facts that could help you decide.

What is rug binding?

Binding a rug means adding an edge for protection against raveling. This is the basic level of carpet binding for protection and to reach an expected lifespan. But it also helps with decor matching.

You can choose various colors, materials, and designs to create a look that matches your floors and decor. Depending on your needs for the piece, these may match or contrast the rug itself. Whatever your preferences are, we can match them.

What types of area rug binding can I have?

The most common binding uses a binding tape or fabric to create a simple edge. However, some homeowners make these very thick to achieve a specific look for the room. And others prefer custom rugs with a thinner, less noticeable edge for their carpets.

Serging is another form that looks more like hand binding. This method uses a thread or cord wrapped around the edging in a beautiful variety of colors. These bindings are often used on pieces for placement in more formal spaces.

Fringe binding is a decorative method that leaves pieces of thread or fiber. These pieces vary in length, color, and style, with some resembling a hand-knotted work. These pieces are reserved for areas with less traffic and fewer vacuuming requirements.

If you have more questions about your carpet binding, feel free to ask. We're here to ensure the best results for your need. And we'll make sure your bindings are everything you need them to be.

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