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Enhance your space with custom area rugs

A custom area rug is a truly personalized piece of decor that can also that can work double-duty as a protective feature. When you work with us to customize your rug with specific fibers, backing materials, shapes, sizes, and colors, you are creating something for your very own space. With the right combination of characteristics, they can protect your flooring as well, whether hard surface flooring or carpet. You’ll love the results and the fact that it simply belongs in your home.

Texas Designer Flooring has been synonymous with excellence in both products and services for more than 25 years. With associates and service personnel who are both friendly and professional, you’ll find that your flooring project comes together with ease, all to your very own specifications. We even offer design consultation and free measurements to make sure you get exactly what you want and need. Our Fort Worth, Azle, and Keller, TX showrooms provide flooring for the communities of Fort Worth, Benbrook, Aledo, White Settlement, Burleson, Arlington, Grand Prairie, Mansfield, Grapevine, and Mid-Cities. When you visit, you’ll be provided superb assistance in order to meet all your flooring needs.
Stylish area rugs in Grand Prairie, TX from Texas Designer Flooring

Custom area rugs really make a difference

In areas where a great focal point is needed, large area rugs can be a perfect addition. In other spaces, where a bit more decorative busyness is acceptable, two or more rugs can be used to create a great impression. Beyond that, there are great options for solid colors, amazing patterns and designs, edging, and so much more. It gives you ample opportunity to match nearly any type of decor or interior design.

Placed in specific areas, custom area rugs can be of great benefit in protecting your flooring. It may seem redundant to place an area rug over carpet, but doing so can make your carpet last longer, look better, and even smell better by keeping dirt and debris out of your flooring. Place these rugs in entryways, between two heavily traveled spaces, or anywhere you often have to sweep or mop.

For hard surface flooring, custom area rugs can be a great asset underneath heavy furniture pieces. This helps to alleviate permanent denting by absorbing some of the weight. If there ever comes a time when the furniture has to be moved, your flooring underneath will be much more presentable. They will also be less worn, scratched, and scuffed, which can happen to unprotected hardwood over time.

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