Here’s how to have a successful natural stone flooring experience

Here’s how to have a successful natural stone flooring experience

Nothing is more elegant and luxurious than natural stone flooring. The most commonly chosen are marble, slate, granite, limestone, quartz, and travertine.

All natural stones are created from mountain-borne minerals. Keep in mind, though, they all have slightly different properties.

Do a little research to be sure you choose the suitable stone for your installation. Read on for some smart tips.

Look at the absorption rating

This refers to how porous a rock is. The more porous, the more prone it will be to staining; if you use it outside, porous stones will also be susceptible to cracking.

For this reason, many with large families and kids choose granite or quartz. The natural stone tiles are impervious to liquid, making them easy to clean and hygienic. 

Ask about grade

Grading systems refer to tiles or slabs' size, shape, and thickness. There are three: Grade 1 is considered the highest quality.

Grade 2 has minor imperfections. Grade 3 stone slabs are best as accents, as they have significant flaws.

Other natural stone flooring considerations

When shopping for natural stone flooring, check the coefficient of friction. This refers to traction or "grip."

The higher the coefficient, the better the traction. Consider indoor/outdoor use and oxidation; the latter sometimes results in rusting if used outdoors.

If the design is your priority

Marble flooring–just the words evoke thoughts of luxury and elegance.

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